Company Profilea trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Pharmaceutical Drugs


  • Bizotic’s credibility & reliability can be adjudged by its official accreditations
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • The group comprises of four commercial manufacturing sites in total; All equipped with modern facilities
  • State-of-the-art R & D centre with qualified pool of professionals
  • Advanced Pilot plants which handle almost every chemical engg. operations
  • QC centre with wide-ranging facilities. Meticulous documentation, checks and Accountability overall
  • ETP facility for waste management and handling. Efficient incinerators for solid waste
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Vibrant Certificate 2017
  • Manufacturing Certificate For FOOD & FDCA 2018

Chemistry Capabilities

  •  Exceptional Capabilities in Grignard Reaction
  •  Sodamide Based Alkylation
  •  N and O-alkylation/Etherification
  •  Green Chemistry
  •  Cyclizations
  •  Aminations, Haloginations
  •  Sodium/Alkoxide based Reactions, etc.
  •  High Temperature Vacuum Distillation Product Features:
    Salient features of our products are:

    •  Industry relevant pH value
    •  Stable under different condition
    •  Quality compliance

Regulatory Capabilities

  •  SOPs prepared according to guidelines for regulated market
  •  Knowledge in handing regulatory documents
  •  Experience in preparing DMF in CTD format
  •  Issues with analytical and process validation

Manufacturing Facilities

Equipment MOC CAPACITY Total NO.
Reactor SS 3 KL 06
GLR 3 KL 03
Centrifuge MSRL 36 inch 03
SS 36 inch 02
SS 48 inch 01
Heat Exchanger 04
Recovery Tank SS 2.0 KL 04
Storage Tank SS 3.0 KL 02
Tray Dryer SS 02
Multi Mill SS 01
Vibro shifter SS 01
Boiler 1.0 MT 01
Colling Tower 180 TR 01
Chilling Plant 80 TR 01
R.O Plant 500 lit/hour 01
Air Compressor 01

Analytical Facilities

Our plant has well developed Q C lab as per our GLP norms, we are performing all testing of sample like Analytical testing, HPLC & GC testing and microbiological testing of sample materials as per good laboratories practice.

Wt. Balance
Digital Melting Point Apparatus
Karl Fischer Instrument
Digital Bulk Density Apparatus
Polari meter
Ultra Sonicator
Hplc System
Gc System
Hot Air Oven
Vacuum Oven
Stability Chamber
Ph Meter
Uv Visible
Muffle Furnace
Digital Colony Counter
B.O.D Incubator
Auto Clave
Water Bath
Laminar Air Flow